Our approach to wireless networks is simple.  They must be reliable and secure.  It sounds simple but our experience suggests that this is not always the case.  Our formula is based on combining the right equipment and our expertise in network security to provide a ‘first time every time’ experience.

Design & Management

Designing wireless networks capable of supporting the demands of the latest applications and users requires an in depth knowledge of the behavior of radio waves.

Our technical team will deliver designs that are both technically robust and also aesthetically realistic.  We are able to work with interior designers to ensure that where possible access points are not placed in areas of high radio reflection such as behind mirrored walls.  Having worked with some of the world’s renowned interior designers such as Cabinet Garcia in Paris we are able to provide advice on the placement of wireless access points or antennae to deliver a technically robust but aesthetic solution for the client.

Solutions that Work

Our solutions are designed to work day in day out in the most demanding environments.  This is particularly important when providing support for WIFI Phone solutions such as Cisco Unified Communications where the provision of the wrong product can seriously affect performance.  Our solutions are designed to support the latest entertainment and domotic control via iPads and other tablets.